Sadler Wine Markets wants to find you the perfect wine that compliments your preference, occasion, and budget. 

Stocking a unique and diverse collection of wine is what we love to do.

We are here to share our expertise while continuously educating ourselves in the ever evolving world of wine.

Meet the Team

Picture of a man standing in front of wine bottles on a shelf

Jon Sadler
owner & founder

The man behind the Sadler Wine Market gourmet concept. With a passion for wine & food in everything he does. From vacations, family gatherings, to date nights with his wife, Maggie, they all revolve around two things: wine & food. He even proposed at the Joseph Decuis farm, just to make sure the marriage started off with the best meal offered in the state and hand selected wine. Maggie and Jon start the week off like many of you do, discussing what’s on the menu for the week, including what will be on their wine list. Jon loves finding new wine and food pairings and loves sharing his wine and food thoughts with anyone who will listen. Ask his young nieces what goes well with Havarti? They know a buttery Chardonnay will pair perfectly (not because they are drinking it…). His favorite activity is relaxing on the patio with his wife, listening to music, and enjoying a new or old favorite bottle of wine!

Ian and Linda Sadler

Linda is our in-house chardonnay expert. She has an incredibly high success rate for introducing otherwise tentative chardonnay drinkers to their new favorite wine.  If you ever have the pleasure of being invited to Linda’s for happy hour, make sure to come hungry. She is known to have a spread of the best appetizers you will ever taste accompanied by great wine and cheese.

Ian is the original ‘foodie’. He saw the potential in the niche gourmet food market and made the decision with Jon and Linda to jump in and make gourmet food shopping a personal experience in Fishers. Because of his world travels, Ian understands the wide-spectrum of what gourmet can mean: from street food in China (Cicadas anyone?) to family-owned restaurants and vineyards across Europe. Ian truly has an immense gourmet palate and is excited to help you define yours.

Kayla Miller
design Specialist

Kayla’s passion is wine education. To her, the best way to enjoy a wine is to understand the regions, varieties, and processes involved in its production. Likewise, the only way to truly understand a wine is to taste it. Such an appreciation for wine allows Kayla to make recommendations that take into account not only personal preference and food pairings but the terroir of the occasion. Motivated by her passion, she relishes the opportunity to learn about and recommend novel wines. This doesn’t mean Kayla is without favorites! She loves red wine that evokes leather and earth, and whites full of minerality. When she’s not recommending a great wine, Kayla is busy crafting and updating our website. Outside the world of wine, Kayla enjoys kayaking, yoga, and watching her young son, Atlas, explore the world with curious eyes.

Bruce Allen
Manager, Tasteful Times

Bruce’s wine journey started when he visited Tasteful Times for the first time with his dad after recently turning 21, and noticed a hiring sign on the door. With very little wine knowledge Bruce applied, hoping his study session the night before the interview would be enough to land him the job. It worked, and Bruce quickly fell in love with wine and found passion in learning more! He continued studying, tasting, and learning from the staff at Tasteful Times and soon built up a wealth of wine knowledge of his own. After working at Tasteful Times for 2 years, Bruce traveled to England where he spent a year getting a Masters degree in Medieval Studies. After completing his degree, he returned to the states and found himself excited to return to Tasteful Times and continue his career in the world of wine. Bruce’s number one love aside from wine is his favorite soccer team, Everton Football Club! #UpTheToffees

Elle Rayl
Manager, Cork and cracker

Elle’s introduction into the wine world started when she would taste whatever her mom was drinking which led her to try out new bottles every time she went to the grocery during quarantine (admittedly picking up whatever bottle was the prettiest). Her favorite wines currently include New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, bubbles from anywhere, and light French reds. She is still learning a lot about wines but her passion continues to grow and she has immersed herself into all the educational resources she can find. Elle loves learning about how geography and different winemaking practices affect the end result of wines. On Wednesdays, she puts together educational social media posts to share the knowledge she has gained in her studies. Outside of the wine shop, Elle is very passionate about music, movies, and her two cats Rigby and Stevie.

Brit Grogg
Asst. Manager, Cork and Cracker

Brit is our assistant manager at Cork and Cracker and newest team member at the Broad Ripple location. She first found a passion for wine when working as a chef where she would occasionally be asked about a wine pairing for a particular dish and decided she wanted to learn more about it, she fell in love right away! Her current favorite is Malbec from Argentina. Brit says she primarily drinks red but likes to enjoy a good semi-sweet rosé or Gewürztraminer from time to time. If you can’t find her in the store she is likely creating fun new recipes and testing them out on her wife. She also likes to play board games, watch films, or spend time with her rescue dog.

Claire Parks
Tasteful Times

Claire’s wine journey began in Colorado after she visited Colterris Winery.  She became curious about how wine is made and how each wine develops unique flavors.  This led her to achieve her WSET Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Wine.  She is currently working on achieving Level 3.  Claire hasn’t met a wine that she didn’t like but her favorite wines are full-bodied reds such as a Malbec from Argentina or a Syrah.  She is passionate about spreading the gospel of wine to others through her wine blog, continuing to learn about wine, and creating wine cork keychains.  During her spare time she likes to play with her dog, Sheldon, watch hockey and baseball, and spend time with her family.

Debbie Durst
Tasteful Times

After Debbie and her husband got married, they began trying different wines…mostly by picking labels that looked interesting.  About 10 years ago, they started taking wine inspired trips to California and Oregon. Her favorite places were the small wineries where she could taste and talk to the winemaker. They ventured to Europe as well, and have taken wine cruises on the Rhine River, Danube River, and Rhone River. When Tasteful Times opened 11 years ago, she joined the wine club and has been a member ever since. Debbie used to gravitate toward New World wines but after exploring the wine regions of the world, her current favorites are Austria, Germany, and France – ask her again in a few months and she may have a new favorite! In her spare time, she likes to volunteer at the Indiana Historical Society, Newfields, and KIBI. Fitness is also important to Debbie, you’ll often find her prepping for her next mini marathon, hiking, or playing pickle ball and, of course, searching for that next favorite glass of wine.

Holly Novosel
Tasteful times

During her time living in Southern California, Holly had the chance to visit Napa and Sonoma several times and her love of wine grew from there. She has spent the last six years working in the wine industry and has enjoyed expanding her wine expertise beyond the New World wines she was familiar with. Holly loves helping customers find the perfect varietal to match their wine drinking needs, whatever the occasion. Her favorite wine region is Paso Robles, and she loves a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening and of course drinking a great glass of wine!